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you survive the wilderness and you craft, from hitting rocks together to melting ores, from hunting chickens to fighting big bears, from living in the bushes to your own well made home,  and you reinvent years of human progression 

Survival evolution is 

a survival crafting and mining game, shooting to be realistic to teach players how stuff was invented just like in real life. and how we evolved from the stone age to making electricity, but in a fun and none boring way where the realism puts it in the hard and progressive category that survival games players like. and its for bushcrafters that doesn't get the chance to unleash there wild inner self that often, and for science lovers and fans of dr.stone anime.

why donate ? :

I am 16 and I am working on a survival crafting game on an engine called stencyl and I need some kind people to help me fund my dream indie game, I will work on the game no matter what but I will never be able to published it without having money I need at least 100$ to be able to publish it and I was not able to get that little amount I used to work before quarantine and that's how I was able to upgrade my computer I always balanced work, school and game dev and I have been working on the game for a while now and I am nearing the end of the development and just that little amount is stopping me from publishing my first game ever and starting my own indie game studio.

features : 







the game is in development and I will try to get a web test soon 

controls : -WASD for moving -look using the mouse -left click to gather or use -right click to place -space to jump -E to equip 

by donating you are supporting the development of the game and you will get my assets for free.

email: raouf.9100@gmail.com or abof.9100@gmail.com 



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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youre game looks great! to bad i dont have any money.

glad you like it 

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Hi guys I am Abderraouf Benhocine the creator of the game if you find the game idea interesting and might be one of the players in the future leave a comment of what you want the game to have and if it fits I am might consider adding it ! 


I'll check )) nice job And Good luck

thank you !